LED batten – Direct replacement for conventional battens, in terms of light performance, length and installation flexibility

LED batten light

RECOLUX LED Batten delivers on the promise of innovative, easy-to-use and high-quality luminaires. The efficient design makes installation quick and easy, enabling seamless light-line creation without additional accessories.


  • Energy savings and longer lifetime, to reduce operating costs. 130lm/W and 50,000 hours L8B10
  • Easily create seamless and aesthetic light-lines in warehouses or industrial spaces, making it a straightforward choice for renovation projects.
  • Direct replacement for conventional battens, in terms of light performance, length and installation flexibility.
  • Tool-free, easy and flexible installation, with through-wiring possibility.
  • Many options available: L600/L1200/L1500/L1800, up to 10000lm
  • 3000-4000-5000K, 4000-5000-6000K or 3000-4500-6000K switchable and wattages dip switch
  • 1-10V, DALI, PIR sensor, Motion sensor and Emergency Lighting 3h


  • Industrial production spaces, workshops and technical premises.
  • General area lighting.
  • Assembly and utility areas.
  • Cove lighting.

More information can be shared if any interesting, feel free to contact Peter Liu.

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How easy it is to design, connect and create your own lighting scheme with Recolux Continuous Row LED Lighting System

Peter Liu

The Recolux Linear LED Trunking System is a versatile, continuous-row, modular LED lighting system suitable for any lighting task, from linear light lines to emergency lighting.

The frame can be configured to provide seamless, uninterrupted lighting lines, which can continue around corners, or cross over one another, to cover the entirety of your layout.

Connect as many luminaires as you desire, the possibilities are endless with this versatile system.

Create a versatile lighting layout with X, T and L shaped connectors which can be clicked into the plug and play system without any specialist tools, for a simple and easy, cost-effective system. Use the connectors to build symmetrical, uninterrupted lighting lines which can run parallel, vertical or even cross over each other.

Build Your Own LED Lighting System

Ideal for retail, supermarkets, sheds, commercial or industrial sites, warehousing and distribution.

Recolux LED Linear is a Continuous-Row Lighting System that incorporates LED lights, controls and sensors within its pre-wired trunking rail. All functions, including the power supply, lighting control (DALI), emergency lighting and various types of task lighting options and integrated within the innovative trunking base, which uniquely houses up to 11-core power, and forms the structural base from which all your lighting functions will be connected to.

Click-in-Place LED Lighting

Our LED lighting modules clip and fix into the lighting frame, which is already pre-wired ready for use. You can now position LED linear luminaires, track spotlights and sensors flexibly around the system to suit your interior layout. Simply add, remove or replace lighting modules, light sources or optics, as required, creating different lighting effects or re-positioning lighting types to suit your use of the space.


Ideal for retail, supermarkets, sheds, commercial or industrial sites, warehousing and distribution.

IP66 LED tri-proof light with 3-phase wiring

—- Peter Liu / Sales executive email:

In a 3-phase power environment, you can assign one complete line to L1, the next line line to L2 and the third line to L3. By switching all line separately on and off, this system could be used as a crude dimming function.

You can also distribute L1, L2 and L3 on one single line. By switching all lines separately you got a dimmable system again.

On the other hand, you can use L1 and L2 ad power lines while L3 servise as emergency power line connected to a central power supply.

When the power cuts out, the central emergency power supply kicks in and switchs on all fixtures connected to L3.

Are you looking for a way to continue offering an extensive range of fresh fruit, food, and vegetables while also being able to extend the shelf life of your fresh food?

Advantages of LED Fresh Food Lighting

  • The greatest appearance

According to studies, shoppers recall the color of fresh foods as being more intense than the actual colors is.  When it comes to purchasing a product, shoppers look for products that are even more saturated from what they recall. What does this mean? You need the perfect combination of fresh food lighting that allows you to optimize colors to improve sales indeed. Fresh food led lighting allows for total flexibility when it comes to CRI, dimming, and overall control.

  • No more bacteria

LED lights on a blue range are the most effective when it comes to killing common pathogens found in colder temperatures and acidic conditions.  Bacteria cells have light, delicate complexes that absorb light.  When exposed to blue LED lighting, bacteria cells generate a natural response that causes the cells, keeping fresh food and produce fresher longer while extending shelf life!

  • Improve shopping experiences

Fresh food LED lighting are a grocery store’s secret weapon when it comes to creating memorable shopping experiences. Fresh food LED lighting brings out the natural colors of food and enhances visibility. By making fresh food look better and making your store better-lit customers will keep coming back!

How Can I Use LED Lighting for Fresh Foods?

Do you want to improve your customer shopping experience?

  • LED Lighting for Bread uses specially designed amber and white combination, bread led lighting that makes bread looks freshly baked, delicious, and difficult to pass on.
  • LED lighting for Meat: the more light meat receives, the faster it discolors. Meat discoloration affects your profits.  Our special pink meat LED lights have been carefully engineered to enrichen the visual pink and redness of meat while slowing down natural discoloration.
  • LED lighting for Fish: use fish led lighting to stimulate the fresh out of the sea look! With RECOLUX fish LED frost lighting you’re will have natural, totally even-lit viewing experience.
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetables LED Lightings: improve produce sales by 3.5% using fresh fruit and vegetables LED lighting. A well-lit produce area the features high CRI led lighting that adds to freshness creating a crisp and clean perception. Fresh fruit and vegetables LED lighting features special LEDs that enhance the greens, reds and yellow found in produce.

RECOLUX Led lijnverlichting kan gebruikt worden in verlichtingsprojecten van bijvoorbeeld grote magazijnen, supermarkten en winkelcentra

From Recolux Lighting — Contact: Peter Liu Email:

Deze LED lijnen kunnen niet alleen gebruikt worden als een complete inrichting, maar ook als een koppelbare module. Daarnaast zorgt de lichtlijn voor een mooie strakke uitstraling.

Het armatuur van de lichtlijn bestaat uit twee delen: het bedradingsspoor en de daadwerkelijke verlichting. In het circuit zijn twee optionele bedradingsgroeven gereserveerd, waardoor het mogelijk is om de verlichting uit te breiden met bijvoorbeeld een dimfunctie.

De voordelen van LED Lijnverlichting

  • Geschikt voor grote en hoge verlichtingsprojecten
  • Optioneel verkrijgbaar met dimfunctie, UGR<19
  • Verkrijgbaar in 30, 60, 90, 25L/R, Double 25 en 120 graden stralingshoek
  • Makkelijk te monteren en demonteren
  • Makkelijk te onderhouden
  • 160lm/w or 180lm/w, Osram or Tridonic driver
  • IP40 or IP54
  • CE, ENEC, CB