Advantages of LED Fresh Food Lighting

  • The greatest appearance

According to studies, shoppers recall the color of fresh foods as being more intense than the actual colors is.  When it comes to purchasing a product, shoppers look for products that are even more saturated from what they recall. What does this mean? You need the perfect combination of fresh food lighting that allows you to optimize colors to improve sales indeed. Fresh food led lighting allows for total flexibility when it comes to CRI, dimming, and overall control.

  • No more bacteria

LED lights on a blue range are the most effective when it comes to killing common pathogens found in colder temperatures and acidic conditions.  Bacteria cells have light, delicate complexes that absorb light.  When exposed to blue LED lighting, bacteria cells generate a natural response that causes the cells, keeping fresh food and produce fresher longer while extending shelf life!

  • Improve shopping experiences

Fresh food LED lighting are a grocery store’s secret weapon when it comes to creating memorable shopping experiences. Fresh food LED lighting brings out the natural colors of food and enhances visibility. By making fresh food look better and making your store better-lit customers will keep coming back!

How Can I Use LED Lighting for Fresh Foods?

Do you want to improve your customer shopping experience?

  • LED Lighting for Bread uses specially designed amber and white combination, bread led lighting that makes bread looks freshly baked, delicious, and difficult to pass on.
  • LED lighting for Meat: the more light meat receives, the faster it discolors. Meat discoloration affects your profits.  Our special pink meat LED lights have been carefully engineered to enrichen the visual pink and redness of meat while slowing down natural discoloration.
  • LED lighting for Fish: use fish led lighting to stimulate the fresh out of the sea look! With RECOLUX fish LED frost lighting you’re will have natural, totally even-lit viewing experience.
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetables LED Lightings: improve produce sales by 3.5% using fresh fruit and vegetables LED lighting. A well-lit produce area the features high CRI led lighting that adds to freshness creating a crisp and clean perception. Fresh fruit and vegetables LED lighting features special LEDs that enhance the greens, reds and yellow found in produce.

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Can you find the ideal lighting for our fruits and vegetables?

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