Peter Liu

The Recolux Linear LED Trunking System is a versatile, continuous-row, modular LED lighting system suitable for any lighting task, from linear light lines to emergency lighting.

The frame can be configured to provide seamless, uninterrupted lighting lines, which can continue around corners, or cross over one another, to cover the entirety of your layout.

Connect as many luminaires as you desire, the possibilities are endless with this versatile system.

Create a versatile lighting layout with X, T and L shaped connectors which can be clicked into the plug and play system without any specialist tools, for a simple and easy, cost-effective system. Use the connectors to build symmetrical, uninterrupted lighting lines which can run parallel, vertical or even cross over each other.

Build Your Own LED Lighting System

Ideal for retail, supermarkets, sheds, commercial or industrial sites, warehousing and distribution.

Recolux LED Linear is a Continuous-Row Lighting System that incorporates LED lights, controls and sensors within its pre-wired trunking rail. All functions, including the power supply, lighting control (DALI), emergency lighting and various types of task lighting options and integrated within the innovative trunking base, which uniquely houses up to 11-core power, and forms the structural base from which all your lighting functions will be connected to.

Click-in-Place LED Lighting

Our LED lighting modules clip and fix into the lighting frame, which is already pre-wired ready for use. You can now position LED linear luminaires, track spotlights and sensors flexibly around the system to suit your interior layout. Simply add, remove or replace lighting modules, light sources or optics, as required, creating different lighting effects or re-positioning lighting types to suit your use of the space.


Ideal for retail, supermarkets, sheds, commercial or industrial sites, warehousing and distribution.

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