LED batten light

RECOLUX LED Batten delivers on the promise of innovative, easy-to-use and high-quality luminaires. The efficient design makes installation quick and easy, enabling seamless light-line creation without additional accessories.


  • Energy savings and longer lifetime, to reduce operating costs. 130lm/W and 50,000 hours L8B10
  • Easily create seamless and aesthetic light-lines in warehouses or industrial spaces, making it a straightforward choice for renovation projects.
  • Direct replacement for conventional battens, in terms of light performance, length and installation flexibility.
  • Tool-free, easy and flexible installation, with through-wiring possibility.
  • Many options available: L600/L1200/L1500/L1800, up to 10000lm
  • 3000-4000-5000K, 4000-5000-6000K or 3000-4500-6000K switchable and wattages dip switch
  • 1-10V, DALI, PIR sensor, Motion sensor and Emergency Lighting 3h


  • Industrial production spaces, workshops and technical premises.
  • General area lighting.
  • Assembly and utility areas.
  • Cove lighting.

More information can be shared if any interesting, feel free to contact Peter Liu.

Saler: Peter Liu Email: sales05@recolux.com

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