ClickFast Universal Retrofit Module

In renovation projects, existing T5/T8 Luminaires fluorescent tubes can be easily replaced by LED modules. The principle is simple, we remove the T5/T8 fluorescent luminaires and install the LED modules on the existing trunking system, for example, Philips TTX, Regiolux SDT, Trilux E-line, Ridi VLT, Zumtobel TECTON/ZX1/ZX2, Siteco DUS… . This takes place on the basis of a new lighting study, which will determine the best possible illuminance for your specific scenario, which means that you can switch from fluorescent to LED without adjustments to the ceiling and that you can immediately enjoy the benefits, no more lamps replacement and up to 50% saving on your energy bill.

More information, pls contact Peter Liu, email:

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