IP69K Weatherproof Tubular Light, Used in harsh environments such as cow farms, chicken farms, food industry, car washes

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IP69K Weatherproof Tubular Light

IP69K Weatherproof Tubular Light luminaires are extremely suitable for environments where a high degree of protection is required. When we think of extreme environments, we mainly think of closed parking garages with a lot of exhaust gases, car washes, livestock sheds, solvent-containing environments, but this fixture is also extremely suitable for the food industry. (HACCP compliant)

Existing T5/T8 Luminaires fluorescent tubes can be easily replaced by LED modules in renovation projects

ClickFast Universal Retrofit Module

In renovation projects, existing T5/T8 Luminaires fluorescent tubes can be easily replaced by LED modules. The principle is simple, we remove the T5/T8 fluorescent luminaires and install the LED modules on the existing trunking system, for example, Philips TTX, Regiolux SDT, Trilux E-line, Ridi VLT, Zumtobel TECTON/ZX1/ZX2, Siteco DUS… . This takes place on the basis of a new lighting study, which will determine the best possible illuminance for your specific scenario, which means that you can switch from fluorescent to LED without adjustments to the ceiling and that you can immediately enjoy the benefits, no more lamps replacement and up to 50% saving on your energy bill.

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Easy-open LED tri-proof light, garage lighting, workshop lighting and workplace lighting

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Recolux E-open LED tri-proof lights are perfectly matched to a wide range of requirements in indoor areas. They are water and dust resistant, so they can easily be used in humid environments. Despite complex areas of application, our LED tri-proof light has a long service life of more than 50,000 hours [L80, B10]. At the same time, you save energy through the use of proven and innovative LED technology.

Whether a 150cm LED tri-proof light is required for garage lighting, workshop lighting or workplace lighting, we will help you make the right choice.

We have developed suitable special lights for particularly difficult areas of application. The beauty of LED tri-proof light is the very flexible mounting method. Usually they are used as a ceiling light, but they are also seen more and more frequently in workshops as wall mounting and as workplace lighting.

LED tri-proof light for damp rooms are enjoying increasing popularity. These have the great advantage of being able to be moved flexibly in the assembled state.

In rooms with little use, LED tri-proof light with a motion detector is suitable. This not only saves you energy costs, but also gives you more due to the low operating hours.

Our tool free LED tri-proof light has through wiring so that additional luminaires can be connected as quickly and easily as possible. Selected LED tri-proof light are also equipped with a 1-10V driver in order to be able to connect external daylight or motion sensors. The sensors required for light control are available from us on request.

In order to meet all guidelines, we would be happy to create a lighting plan for your business.

LED batten – Direct replacement for conventional battens, in terms of light performance, length and installation flexibility

LED batten light

RECOLUX LED Batten delivers on the promise of innovative, easy-to-use and high-quality luminaires. The efficient design makes installation quick and easy, enabling seamless light-line creation without additional accessories.


  • Energy savings and longer lifetime, to reduce operating costs. 130lm/W and 50,000 hours L8B10
  • Easily create seamless and aesthetic light-lines in warehouses or industrial spaces, making it a straightforward choice for renovation projects.
  • Direct replacement for conventional battens, in terms of light performance, length and installation flexibility.
  • Tool-free, easy and flexible installation, with through-wiring possibility.
  • Many options available: L600/L1200/L1500/L1800, up to 10000lm
  • 3000-4000-5000K, 4000-5000-6000K or 3000-4500-6000K switchable and wattages dip switch
  • 1-10V, DALI, PIR sensor, Motion sensor and Emergency Lighting 3h


  • Industrial production spaces, workshops and technical premises.
  • General area lighting.
  • Assembly and utility areas.
  • Cove lighting.

More information can be shared if any interesting, feel free to contact Peter Liu.

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How easy it is to design, connect and create your own lighting scheme with Recolux Continuous Row LED Lighting System

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The Recolux Linear LED Trunking System is a versatile, continuous-row, modular LED lighting system suitable for any lighting task, from linear light lines to emergency lighting.

The frame can be configured to provide seamless, uninterrupted lighting lines, which can continue around corners, or cross over one another, to cover the entirety of your layout.

Connect as many luminaires as you desire, the possibilities are endless with this versatile system.

Create a versatile lighting layout with X, T and L shaped connectors which can be clicked into the plug and play system without any specialist tools, for a simple and easy, cost-effective system. Use the connectors to build symmetrical, uninterrupted lighting lines which can run parallel, vertical or even cross over each other.

Build Your Own LED Lighting System

Ideal for retail, supermarkets, sheds, commercial or industrial sites, warehousing and distribution.

Recolux LED Linear is a Continuous-Row Lighting System that incorporates LED lights, controls and sensors within its pre-wired trunking rail. All functions, including the power supply, lighting control (DALI), emergency lighting and various types of task lighting options and integrated within the innovative trunking base, which uniquely houses up to 11-core power, and forms the structural base from which all your lighting functions will be connected to.

Click-in-Place LED Lighting

Our LED lighting modules clip and fix into the lighting frame, which is already pre-wired ready for use. You can now position LED linear luminaires, track spotlights and sensors flexibly around the system to suit your interior layout. Simply add, remove or replace lighting modules, light sources or optics, as required, creating different lighting effects or re-positioning lighting types to suit your use of the space.


Ideal for retail, supermarkets, sheds, commercial or industrial sites, warehousing and distribution.