The modular system with its unique range of variants ensures made-to-measure, perfect lighting conditions in every application.

LED Linear Trunking System is an energy-efficient, low maintenance alternative to traditional linear fluorescent in a variety of industrial,commercial and light assembly applications. It is the optimal solution for conventional lighting systems and also excellent for new installations due to its low installation cost – everything in one box and installation is tool-less. It saves both time and costs when updating lighting systems. Also, LED Linear Trunking System is really good in terms of the low maintenance that’s typical for LED lighting and this also keeps costs low.


Retail lighting improves customer experience

The importance of lighting is emphasized in all businesses. Well-designed retail lighting removes sales barriers and, most importantly, avoids the temptation to buy. When customers see the product from the right angle, it’s easier to sell it.

Lighting that helps sales. When the product looks good and the text on the label is easy to read, the purchase becomes easier. High-quality retail lighting renders colors well and makes products look more attractive.

The right optics. In stores, more light is needed on shelves than aisles. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the illumination of vertical surfaces in the design. By choosing the right optics, you can significantly improve the lighting performance of vertical surfaces.
Energy saving implementation. Compared with traditional lighting, the combination of efficient LED linear trunking system can save up to 70-85% of energy.

If you had old LED linear trunking system with T5 T8 tube, like Trilux E-line, Regiolux SDT etc and want to converted to LED MODULE, pls click here.

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