How to choose a best lighting application for Supermarket, factory and warehouse etc?

RECOLUX IP20 E-LINE is an adaptable LED trunking system that delivers excellent quality of light while more than halving energy costs compared to fluorescent lamps. As well as being an energy efficiency champion, it also helps reduce installation and maintenance costs and on top of that, you will also enjoy full freedom to position the fixtures according to your objectives or layout.


RECOLUX LED track panels use the latest LED technology for particularly economical general and shelf lighting in sales rooms and offices.

With various beam characteristics (30°, 60°, 90°, DS25°, 25°R/L and their combination), 70W/64w/57w/50w power switchable and multiple installation methods , They can be installed efficiently and offer a wide range of lighting technology options for differentiated lighting planning.


IP54 waterproof LED linear trunking system

RECOLUX IP54 N-LINE LED Linear Trunking System is a continuous LED lighting system. All system components, trunking rail and luminaire inserts are perfectly matched according to 3000mm/1500mm/1200mm/600mm system dimensions. It is an energy efficiency champion 160lm/w, and also helps reduce installation and maintenance costs  with  tool-free and smart structure.


RECOLUX LED track linear can be not only used to illuminate aisle in small to large store formats and in a wide variety of industries, but used to fresh food, like Meat, Red meat, Fish, Bread and Fruit.

  • length 600mm/900mm/1200mm/1500mm
  • Power switchable 20w to 68w
  • Efficiencies up to 155 lm / W
  • Light colors 830, 840, 850 and 860
  • Beam angle 30°, 60°, 90°, DS25°, 25°R/L
Luminaires étanches


RECOLUX E-OPEN triproof light is a series of high-quality LED luminaires. With high luminous flux, IP65 classified and EASY-OPEN design, which make the installation fast and keep working under many extreme environments.

The luminaire with fully wired is suitable for replacing traditional fluorescent luminaires / fluorescent lighting, fit to car parking area, warehouse etc.


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Degree of protection IP69K
Resistant to ammonia, sulfur, methane, soapsuds, disinfectants, oils, cleaning agents and much more.


ClickFast universal retroft module is developed for the replacement of T5 T8 tube from trunking system, which one module can fit to almost all Europe exsiting trunking systems.

For example, Trilux e-line, philips maxos/ttx400/200, Zumtobel tection/zx1/zx2, Siteco dus, Ridi vlt, Regiolux sdt, Ludwig etc.

Luminaires étanches


Smart tubular light is an optimal solution for areas with harsh environmental conditions. Its main housing is made from a single mold and its end-caps are tightly fixed which allows for optimal water and dust resistance. Based on our customers’ needs, we have developed an electrical system that enables you to select the light colour directly on site with your customer using a DIP switch.


IP20 LED batten light

LED BATTEN with emergency

LED batten with emergency battery, 4W, 3H