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Recolux E-open LED tri-proof lights are perfectly matched to a wide range of requirements in indoor areas. They are water and dust resistant, so they can easily be used in humid environments. Despite complex areas of application, our LED tri-proof light has a long service life of more than 50,000 hours [L80, B10]. At the same time, you save energy through the use of proven and innovative LED technology.

Whether a 150cm LED tri-proof light is required for garage lighting, workshop lighting or workplace lighting, we will help you make the right choice.

We have developed suitable special lights for particularly difficult areas of application. The beauty of LED tri-proof light is the very flexible mounting method. Usually they are used as a ceiling light, but they are also seen more and more frequently in workshops as wall mounting and as workplace lighting.

LED tri-proof light for damp rooms are enjoying increasing popularity. These have the great advantage of being able to be moved flexibly in the assembled state.

In rooms with little use, LED tri-proof light with a motion detector is suitable. This not only saves you energy costs, but also gives you more due to the low operating hours.

Our tool free LED tri-proof light has through wiring so that additional luminaires can be connected as quickly and easily as possible. Selected LED tri-proof light are also equipped with a 1-10V driver in order to be able to connect external daylight or motion sensors. The sensors required for light control are available from us on request.

In order to meet all guidelines, we would be happy to create a lighting plan for your business.

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